Guild Policies

Guild Charter



1. Be Excellent To Each Other. Essentially: everyone wearing our tag is an ambassador of our guild and should treat other players respectfully lest our collective reputation suffer. So no ninjalooting or abusing other players in PUGs, no being an asshat in public chat channels, no harassing other players in game, in mumble, or on the website. 


2. Maintain a positive attitude. Excessive whining or complaining may be grounds for dismissal. 


3. No begging for money, items or help. If you're new to the game we'll gladly give you advice on how to make and save money, and where to find or craft better gear. However panhandling in guild chat or whispers is not acceptable. Likewise, if you need help with something, just ask. Ask in guild chat, ask in teamspeak. But nobody is obligated to help you on your schedule if they lack the time or inclination. Don't take it personally! 


4. Adjudication processes: 

- If you have an issue with a guild process, bring it up with one of the officers.

- If you have an issue with another member, try to work it out with the members in a civilized manner unless there is a reason you can't,bring it up with one of the officers.

- If you have an issue with one of the officers, bring it up with the guild leader or the other officers.

- If you have a problem with the guild leader, bring it up with ALL of the officers.

At no point should your first and only action be to complain about such things to the other members. Take it to the guild leadership; if your complaint is actionable, the leadership will act on it. But incessantly complaining amongst your peers creates a toxic atmosphere. 


5. Drama is for teenagers and thespians. Let's all strive to get along and have fun in this game! 


6.Website participation is mandatory. You must sign up for any operations you wish to participate in, using the event calendar. 


7.Mumble is mandatory for ops. Voice communication is far more efficient than typing. You will need to be in our Mumble server to hear ops instructions. And get a mic. We want to hear your voice too! 


8.Show up on time and ready to go. Forcing everyone else to stand around waiting for you to log in, get back to the fleet, pick up your quests, meet up with the group etc etc is unfair to your teammates. Ideally you should be logging in a 10-15 minutes prior to start time to make sure everything is in order. If you're not sure if you can make a particular event, change your signup to Tentative. Tardiness may cause you to lose your slot in the ops group. Habitual tardiness may cause you to be removed from the roster which means you will not be able to sign up for any more ops.  


9. Remember that you are part of a team, and your actions will directly affect the outcome of the operation. Ignoring instructions from the ops leaders, repeatedly failing to pay attention to avoidable damage, and related shenanigans translates into working against the survival of the group and the success of the operation. Remember that your own enjoyment cannot come at the expense of everyone else in the group. 


10. NEED rolls are for when the item will be an upgrade for the character you are playing right now. Not an alt, not a companion, not for the GTN. Need rolls are appropriate for rare crafting materials if you are working towards a higher tier item.

If no one NEEDS the item, GREED rolls will follow. This will include gearing for alts, companions, reverse-engineering, or if you only want to pull one mod/enhancement out of the item to help optimize your gear.These priorities are in place so that the guild as a whole gets the maximum utility out of each drop. If you're not going to wear something, let somebody else who needs the upgrade have at it. If you'd like something for an off-spec gear set, say so. Off-sets have a lower priority but they're still a NEED roll.

to sum up, priority goes to:

1. Current character, main spec

2. Current character, off spec

3. Alts

4. Reverse Engineering

5. Companions

6. GTN

When rolling for loot, please inspect your gear carefully to make sure you're not wearing an equivalent piece. ex. An Unassembled Set-Bonus Implant drops; don't roll NEED if you have Non Set-Bonus Implants because they are noth the same levels. Exception: If you've researched the items at the class vendors prior to the op and you KNOW that the stat breakdown is better on the Set-Bonus, go ahead and NEED on it. Otherwise GREED if you're not sure.

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